Lovebird Keycard

Now there are even MORE REWARDS for doing the things you love all year round, from the card that loves you back!


Lovebird Keycard offers you the convenience of a credit card while earning points towards free or discounted travel to ALL Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines destinations world-wide. The more you shop with your Lovebird Keycard, the more your travel points add up.


Lovebird Keycard


Follow the Bird to earn even MORE rewards!


What's New:


  • Redeem tickets for anyone you choose
  • Travel to ALL Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines destinations
  • Points last 4 years
  • Top-Up points to earn travel faster
  • Now more opportunities to earn extra points than ever


About the BIRD

What does it mean to ‘Follow the Bird’?

When you Follow the Bird you become a part of the Lovebird family and online community. Followers earn points faster and share points that last longer for travel to ANY Air Jamaica/Caribbean Airlines destination!


How many ways can you ‘Follow the Bird’?

  • Follow the Bird for deals at thousands of merchants islandwide
  • Follow the Bird to events that we partner with for opportunities to earn more points
  • Follow the Bird to our new website for the most up to date information on promotions and managing your rewards (coming soon)
  • Follow the Bird and we’ll make contact with special offers tailored just for you 
  • Follow the Bird on social media so you can get updates on Lovebird happenings in ‘real time’
  • and
  • Like Us on Facebook


How do you ‘Follow the Bird’?

You can ‘Follow the Bird’ by signing up for a Lovebird Keycard Today!


Get More LOVE

Sign up NOW and start reaping your rewards. Every $62.50 you spend gets you 1 point closer to your next trip.


You've earned it!


  • TRAVEL Free to more destinations.
  • SHARE Your Travel Rewards with Family & Friends.
  • GAIN Extra Rewards that last twice as long.
  • EARN 3,000 Instant Bonus Points when you activate your new card.
  • RECEIVE 500 Bonus Points when you add a cardholder to your account.
  • TOP-UP Your points to earn Travel Rewards faster.


See below for more details:  

icon  Lovebird Keycard Benefits Table

icon  Lovebird Keycard Rewards FAQ


Learn about our credit card insurance, which will pay your outstanding credit card balance(s) in case of death or diagnosis of a critical illness


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