Recent Outreach Projects

NCB plays a proactive, co-operative and collaborative role to make the communities in which we operate better places to live and conduct business.
GhettoWise Education

this video is about a project aimed at aiding in the educating of the members of various communities.

August Town Community Centre Development Project

Check out the No Partial Youth Club's Operation Change - August Town Community Centre Development Project.

Holland High Community Link

Take a peak at our community based project at Holland High that helps students learn productive skills and keeps them involved with the community in a positive way.


Reviving community spirit through sports.

“The N.C.B. Foundation embraces charitable causes that are relevant to the betterment of Jamaica and the development of our nation’s people”

– Michael Lee-Chin, NCB Chairman –

Areas of Focus

NCB gladly accepts its role and responsibility as a corporate citizen to provide opportunities that will chart a course for future generations who can lead wisely and participate in a meaningful way to Jamaica’s development.

The N.C.B. Foundation continues to invest in scholarships at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels and funds various educational programmes across the island. We focus on improving the physical conditions of schools so that students need a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning.


In an effort to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among our youth, the N.C.B. Foundation has partnered with several skills-based projects. These projects have sought to enhance the skills of trainees through programmes in data entry, IT training and small cottage industry development.

Youth Leadership

Developing communities in which we serve remains at the heart of NCB's business driven focus. NCB, through the NCB Foundation, continues to find meaningful ways to touch and transform lives in communities across the length and breadth of our beautiful Island, Jamaica.

Community Development

We, at the Foundation, believe that our young people have the power to become change agents within their schools, their communities and most importantly, in their own lives. Inspired by this belief, the N.C.B. Foundation supports programmes that develop the leadership skills in our youth and encourage active citizenship.

Visit NCB Foundation to learn more about projects and how to apply.