Updated April 29, 2020

We can appreciate that persons may incur unplanned expenses and face unexpected difficulties at this time, and have temporarily waived the following to aid this:


Credit cards

The payment holiday for qualified credit card customers has been extended.* (Conditions Apply)
   • Waiver of late payment fees for credit cards will be extended until June 30, 2020.
   • Automatic reduced interest rate on JMD Business products by 5% up until September 2020.
   • Reduced minimum payment on Business products from 10% to 5% up until September 2020.


Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs with existing loans can avail of the following payment assistance options: 
  • Moratoriums on principal payments for up to 6 months;
  • Payment holiday of 3 months, with special offer of up to 6-months for tourism interests.‚Äč

SMEs applying for new loan facilities may also access moratoriums on principal payments for up to 6 months. Please make contact with your Relationship Manager to discuss suitable options for your business.  Conditions apply in respect of all option

Please be mindful that conditions apply to these various arrangements.