Register your Token by April 17

One month remaining to register Security Tokens!

The security upgrade of NCB’s online banking platform to use RSA security tokens continues, with one month remaining for customers to register as security access via tokens become the norm. A dedicated phone line and team have been activated to ease the transition process for customers who are yet to complete the registration of their tokens.

Customers can now call 936-4374 between 8:15 am and 5 pm with any questions or concerns for assistance with registering the RSA security tokens.

Howard Gordon, Senior General Manager, Group Operations and Technology Division, noted that while the implementation of RSA security tokens is not yet complete, the results so far are going according to expectation.  “We are encouraged by the level of adoption that we have since achieved. As with everything, especially changes of this magnitude, issues will arise; but within the same breadth solutions are being implemented to make the registration process for our customers more seamless. We have one more month before full use of the RSA security token to access NCB Online Banking and we are committed to working with each customer to ensure they are setup and ready for April 17, 2016,” said Gordon.

The RSA SecurID solution is a globally used security feature that provides additional authentication to online banking log-in, further enhancing security. This upgrade promises to reduce exposure to fraud losses, theft and other cyber threats. The use of a token replaces the security questions for changes to internet banking profiles, including adding a bill payee and authentication of transactions. There are two types of tokens, physical or hardware as well as software.

The inclusion of security tokens furthers NCB Group’s use of leading technology to improve convenience and flexibility as it seeks to guard against growing cyber-related threats.