Business Loan Requirements


  • Business registration documents
  • Estimate/Invoices evidencing loan purpose
  • Last 12 months' Bank Statements (if accounts are at other banks)
  • Last three (3) years' audited Financial Statements (if available)


  • Draft/In-house accounts for current year (if audited accounts are not available)
  • Detailed Cash Flow Projection - monthly for the first twelve (12) months and quarterly thereafter for the remaining period of the loan. The Cash Flow Projections should also include the relevant notes/assumptions.
  • Valid Tax Compliance Certificate.
  • Letter of Good Standing from the Companies Office of Jamaica (only applicable for companies)
  • Valuation report for asset being pledged as collateral (Note that NCB uses an approved list of valuators)
  • Surveyor report for residential or commercial properties being pledged as collateral (Note that NCB uses an approved list of surveyors)
  • Copies of Certificates of Title for asset(s) being offered as collateral
  • Detailed aged listing of receivables and payables (if available)


NCB Commercial Motor Vehicle Loan



  • Copy of Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness
  • Copy of Motor Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance policy with Bank's interest noted
  • Valuation Report (New vehicles excluded)
  • Vehicle Pro-Forma Invoice



See below for printable/additional details: