Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is interest calculated on a credit card?
    • Interest is calculated daily on outstanding balance
    • Daily Interest Charges are totaled and applied at the end of the next statement period if full balance is not cleared.
  • How do I send funds to my NCB account from overseas?
    To send funds to your NCB account from overseas you may consider conducting a wire transfer from your overseas account. If you decide to use this medium, your overseas bank will require that you supply them with the following information:
    • Your NCB account number
    • NCB's swift code (JNCBJMKX)
    • The branch of NCB you are sending the funds to and the branch's address

    You may access the address of your branch by clicking the link:

  • Locate Us

    It is important to note that a fee (amount listed in our fee guide) will be deducted from your NCB account upon receiving the funds. If your account is not in Jamaican currency, the charge will be converted to the appropriate currency using the day's exchange rate. Aside from a wire transfer; you may send a cheque/money order to be deposited to your account. However, the value of the cheque along with the "possible" return charges will be held for 20 business days. In the interest of protecting our customers, it is highly recommended that cheques/money orders be sent via registered mail. REMEMBER - DO NOT MAIL CASH.

  • What are your opening hours?
    Our general opening hours are all branches are:
Monday - Thursday
8:30 am - 2:30 pm 
8:30 am - 4:00 pm
The Portmore Branch and The University Branch:
Monday - Thursday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Ordering Cheque Leaves For Your Current Account
The following options are available to submit your request for cheque leaves:

  • Call our 24 hour Customer Care Center at 1-888-622-3477 to make your order
  • Send us an email through your personal or corporate internet banking profile
  • Visit the Customer Service Department at the NCB Branch most convenient to you.


We will prepare and courier your order to the address on your record with three to five business days. We will require the following information to complete your request:

  • The cost for the cheque leaves may be retrieved from our homepage in the Fee Guide located below the Quick Links option on the right-hand section of your screen.

  • Can I apply for a loan or credit card online?
    Certainly, just go back to our homepage; to the left of the screen, click on the "Click to apply" under Apply for a loan or credit card and a new page will open.

    On the new page, select the words "Register Now" (below the word "LOGIN") then complete the form provided on the right of the screen by entering the requested information in the designated fields (specifically the fields that have a red asterisk (*) beside them). Upon completing the page, click on "SAVE" then select the tab at the top of the page entitled "APPLY" (located between My Profile and FAQ) and proceed to complete the application process.

    Once you have completed the application process you will receive a "Conditionally Approved" response or a "Conditionally Declined" response instantaneously. A "Conditionally Approved" response is automatically generated by the system once your application receives an acceptable credit score and a credit officer will make contact with you in 2 Business days. A "Conditionally Declined" status means that based on the information provided, your application did not meet our minimum qualifying criteria and you may make contact with an agent at our Customer Care Center by dialing 1-888-622-3477 or a credit officer at any of our branches.

    You may have multiple credit card applications pending in the system at any given time. You can make updates to your profile at any time, including changing your password.  In the event you are experiencing any challenges, you may select the tab entitled "FAQ" or "View Demo" at the top of the screen or feel free to call our Customer Care Center at 1-888-622-3477 for further assistance.

  • What do I do if my card is lost?
    If you lose or misplace your card or even suspect unauthorized use of your card
    • Inform us IMMEDIATELY by calling our 24-hr Customer Care Center:
      1-888-NCB-FIRST or (876) 754-4622 (not toll free) - Jamaica
      1-866-622-3477 - USA, Canada & the English speaking Caribbean
      0-800-032-2973 - U.K & the rest of the world (not toll free)
    • Credit cards / Keycard Cash Cards
    • a restriction will be placed on your card
    • If you desire a replacement card, one will be made sent to your mailing address within 3 business days.
    • Midas (Debit) Card
    • A restriction will be placed on your card
    • Debit cards that are lost or stolen should also be reported in person to your account holding branch as soon as possible
    • If you desire a replacement card, one will be issued & made available same day at a cost
    • The cost for replacement credit and debit cards may be retrieved from our homepage in the Fee Guide located below the Quick Links option on the right-hand section of your screen.
  • How do I access the electronic channel for my personal savings/current/ credit card account?
    You may access your NBC accounts via our electronic channels by completing and submitting an eFinancial Services Application Form through our branch network. You may download the form from our website www.jncb.com by clicking on "Signup" under PersonalOnline Banking.

    Your Online Banking profile will be created within (5) business days, after which you may contact the Customer Care Center at  1-888-622-3477 where your identify will be validated and  you will be provided with instructions as to the process of activating telephone banking as well as the steps in registering online.

  • I have always used the telephone banking system and I am ready to access my accounts on the internet, how do I get started?
    Thank you for using our telephone banking facility; to access your accounts via our Internet Banking Facility we invite you to home page (www.jncb.com) and to the right of your computer screen you see Internet Banking with two options beneath
    • Personal
    • Business

    Move your mouse pointer over personal, you will see 4 options

    • Select the option "register" , then "register online" on the page that is next displayed
    • The next page will request that you enter all 16 digits of your Midas (debit) card as well as your PIN (i.e. the 4 digit code that you use to access the telephone banking service
    • Finally, you will be required to create
      • 1. A username (minimum 6 characters)
      • 2. Two passwords (minimum 8 characters)
      • Sign-on Password -  to access your account from the login page
      • Transaction Password used to validate transactions done online NB. We advise that these passwords be different for added security.
  • Once you have successfully completed the above steps you may immediately access your account information by clicking on the "login" prompt

  • I have forgotten my personal internet banking password!
    In order to successfully reset your password you will be required to remember your User name and your Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN). If you have forgotten these as well you will be required to contact our 24 hour customer care Center for these details.

    Once you have ascertained these details you may simply follow the instructions below:

    • Go to our website at www.jncb.com
    • Click on Login under Personal internet banking
    • Click on Forgot Your Password
    • Enter your User name
    • Enter your sixteen-digit Midas Card Number
    • Enter your Telephone Personal Identification Number (TPIN).

    (The TPIN is your 4-digit number you created on the telephone with an agent at the Customer Care Center)

    • Select Login
    • Select the box at left of Sign On Password
    • Enter a new Sign On Password
    • Re- enter Sign On Password
    • Select the box at left of Reset Transaction Password
    • Enter a new Transaction Password
    • Re-enter Transaction Password

    Please remember that the Passwords should contain at least 8 alpha-numeric characters (numbers and letters).

    The passwords selected should not be any of the previous 6 passwords chosen

    Remember to check the boxes to the left of each password.

For more information, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 1-888-622-3477