Change in Circumstances Agreement

A Change in Circumstances Agreement (“CICA”) is used by NCB, where, on identifying a change in circumstances, the customer is unable to provide the required documentation to verify non-U.S. status. The customer will be asked to complete the CICA and produce the outstanding documents within a given time.

Conditional Account Opening Agreement

A Conditional Account Opening Agreement (“CAOA”) is required to be completed by the customer if, on opening a new account, he/she does not have all the documents required to verify his/her non-U.S. status. The customer must produce the outstanding documents within a given time.

Self Certification of Residency

A Self-Certification of Residency (“SCR”) form is a document completed by all individual customers on opening new accounts, as part of the process of determining their reporting status. Customers may also be requested to complete a new SCR form in circumstances in which the earlier provided SCR form is considered invalid.