Special Occasions Savings Plan


Grad special Birthday Special

wed special Baby special


How it Works

Raise money towards owning your home, your car, buying furniture, making home improvements, going on your dream vacation or whatever else you can think of, just by signing up for an NCB Special Occasions Savings Plan and asking your friends and family to help you save.

When you open your new savings account, you will receive “Invitation inserts” to give to your loved ones, who will then be able to visit any NCB branch or use NCB Online to deposit a cash gift to your special account.


  • Proof of Valid Identification (You may use any of the following)

- Drivers Licence

- National ID

- Passport

- Diplomatic ID (Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade)

- Employer ID (Conditions Apply)

- National Council for Senior Citizens Identification Card


  • Contact details for two (2) referees – name, telephone contact number9s) and occupation (You may use any 2 of the following)

- NCB Customer (For at least 3 years or more)
- NCB Manager
- Minister of religion
- Justice of the Peace
- Employer
- Another Bank’s Manager

- Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
- Proof of Address
- Utility bill

  • Post marked envelope (no more than 6 months old)
  • Affordable minimum balance required

You also have the option of converting an existing NCB savings account into a special Occasions Savings Plan. The accounts eligible for Special Occasions Savings Plan conversions are

- Regular Save
- Gold Club
- FX savers
- Sunshine Savers