NCB Visa Classic

 ncb visa

  • More Convenience: Your Visa Classic offers the convenience and security of local and international purchases with the ease of repayment in Jamaican dollars. Go shopping, make purchases online, and use it to pay bills at restaurants and when you travel

  • Worldwide Recognition: Your NCB Visa Classic credit card is accepted at over 10,000 merchants locally and at millions of merchants around the world.

  • Cash Back: Earn 0.25% cash back (paid annually) on all purchases. The more you use your card the greater the reward.

  • 24-Hour Customer Service Assistance: Whatever your need, a friendly NCB representative will be on hand to assist you, just pick up the phone and dial 1-888-NCB- First (622-3477) anytime, anywhere

  • Travel Assistance: Leave your worries behind with Worldwide Travel Assistance and Travel Accident Insurance, up to a maximum of US$75,000.00 at no cost to you, when you charge your travel tickets to your NCB Visa Classic.

  • Emergency Cash Assistance: You can instantly access emergency cash at ABMs worldwide or locally up to 50% of your assigned limit.

  • Replacement Card: You get instant approval for a replacement card to meet emergencies if needed.

  • Electronic Banking: With NCB Elink you can view your transactions and pay your bills online with just the click of your mouse at or over the telephone at 1-888-NCB-First (622-3447)

*Conditions apply