Our KeyCards are Retiring…

And that means there’s more to come for you!

Thanks to you KeyCard, Jamaica’s first credit card, is in many wallets and is accepted at over 9,000 NCB merchants across the island. In 1981, KeyCard launched Jamaicans beyond the limits of cash and into the age of plastic. It serves as a homegrown hero, providing greater access to lines of credit and additional benefits for many Jamaicans.

Born out of innovation, KeyCard has enabled more purchasing power for consumers and businesses and we celebrate its impact on our way of life.

While KeyCard remains among your favourite local cards, we’ve heard your call for online and in-store international shopping and we’re answering it. We’re bringing you Tap & Go technology, international credit and prepaid card options and retiring our KeyCard suite which will happen on a phased basis.


What This Means For You

Personal Credit Cards

If you are a Classic KeyCard, Lovebird KeyCard or Gold KeyCard holder, you will be offered an upgrade to a Visa credit card with benefits that help you shop smarter, with worldwide acceptance, Tap & Go technology for convenient touch-free transactions and rewards. If you already have an NCB issued Visa credit card in addition to your KeyCard you will receive a limit merger offer so you get more purchasing power on your existing Visa credit card.

Classic KeyCard

Business Credit Cards

If you are a KeyCard Biz or Biz Lite cardholder, you will be offered an upgrade to a Mastercard business credit card with benefits, and with international purchasing power that help you take on more, tap and go technology for touch-free transactions, access the to world markets and get rewards that will give your business spending a boost.

KeyCard Biz

Prepaid Credit Cards

If you have a Prepaid KeyCard you will be upgraded to a Mastercard prepaid card. Shop online and shop the world with a Chip & PIN and Tap & Go card for convenient touch-free transactions, pay bills and withdraw cash from the ABM and enjoy $0 monthly maintenance and minimum balance fees.

KeyCard Biz

What's Next?

How You Get Your New Card

Current KeyCard holders will receive a personalised card offer, which can be accepted without stepping foot in the branch. Thereafter your card will be made and delivered to you. Easy-breezy!

Browse our Suite of Credit and Prepaid Cards

Get more rewards, more security and more convenience with an NCB card. Were you thinking of applying for a KeyCard? There are so many cards to choose from that will offer you similar benefits, plus more! Take a look at our suite of personal and prepaid credit cards.

Browse our suite of credit and Prepaid Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please email “KeyCard Migration Question” to [email protected] or call our Customer Care Centre at 888-NCB-FIRST (622-3477).

Thank you for choosing NCB!

Card Safety Alert!

NCB will never contact you to ask you for confidential information such as your card number, PIN, password or the 3-digit security code at the back of your card. We will not send you an email with a clickable link that directs you to a site that asks for your account details. Never share these confidential details.

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