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SMEs can now access up to J$ 690 Million in funding at a special low rate of 6.5%!*

Special funding is now available to SMEs to sustain operations, explore new business ventures, or make investments in energy saving, small-scale irrigation or business expansion projects.

For customers with limited or no collateral, guarantee assistance if available under Guarantee facilities through our partnerships with USAID and DBJ.

* Conditions Apply


DBJ Credit Enhancement Facility

  • Guarantee of up to JMD $30M
  • 90% Loan Guarantee for Small Loans
  • 80% Loan Guarantee for MSMEs

NCB USAID SME Development Loan Fund

  • Up to USD $5M / Up to JMD $690M from NCB
  • Rates as low as 5%* on USD loans / 6.5%* on JMD loans
  • 50% Loan Guarantee from USAID

What Information Do You Need To Provide?

The standard information required to support financing requests are outlined below, however, additional information may be required subject to the specifics of any given project.

  1. Company constitutional and KYC documents
    Certificate of Incorporation, Registration, Articles of Incorporation, Particulars of Directors etc.  TRN, Valid Tax Compliance Certificate, Letter of Good Standing 
  2. Last three years' Audited FInancial Statemetns and year-to-date Management Accounts
  3. Cash Flow Projection for duration of loan, with explanatory notes and underlying assumptions
  4. Aged listings of payables and receivables
  5. Last 12 months' bank statements (if not currently an NCB customer)
  1. Credit Reports(s)
  2. Business Plan with detailed assumptions
    Strategy; Value proposition/value drivers; Organizational and Management Structure; products and Services; Markets Served and Marketing Plan; Competitive landscape; Operations.
  3. Outline of Financing Request
    Details of the project costs and manner in which to be funded (debt, equity, other) supported by costings/contracts/invoices to substatiate request.
  4. Proposed Collateral Security
    Details of collateral to be offered in support of the loan along with evidence of value and ownership.


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