Let’s talk about Budgeting

We often tell ourselves that we are trying to “stay within budget” but most times we are just throwing this statement around since many of us don’t have an actual budget. By not budgeting you are more vulnerable to not being able to properly manage all your expenses.

“Staying in” has become the new norm and while you might think that you are saving more, it is still quite likely to overspend during this time. This is because you may be ordering more take out, doing more shopping online, or buying more groceries, cooking gas and other household items. Without even realising it, these spending habits can cut into your money for other expenses, and before you know it you could find yourself coming up short.

You can better monitor your spending habits by creating a budget to guide how you spend your money on a weekly, monthly or even a yearly basis. It is your guide as you navigate a life filled with necessities, wants and the ever-present urge to spend.

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Writing Your Business Plan

If you’re setting up a new enterprise part of the initial start-up process is writing a business plan. Not only does this activity help you to think clearly about what you’re doing in both the short and long-term, but it also helps you to develop future ideas and spot potential gaps in your strategies. Business plans are also essential to raise finance or investment, so making sure that you get it right the first time is vital.

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How To Start & Grow Your Business

PART 1 - Conducting Market Research Online

So… you would like to start up a business. However, before you decide on spending time and money on registering your business, getting trade licenses, finding an office and marketing and promotion, take a step back to assess. The first and most important step may just be for you to research your potential business.

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Grow Your Business: Boost Your Revenue

Running a successful business is hard. It requires a lot of sleepless nights, trial and error, perseverance and some might say, even a bit of luck. Business owners have to be on the pulse of what is happening around them, in order to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Customer satisfaction and retention is key to achieving high revenue growth, and consequently long-term success. Here are some strategies you can explore to deliver exceptional service to your customers, increase revenue and improve your bottom lines.

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Digital Convenience In A Time Of Social Distancing

6 Tips for switching to online banking safely

Online Banking offers many benefits but not everybody has 'logged-on'— at least not fully. Online banking saves us time, effort, paper and money and, now, more than ever before, offers safety. Though banks the world over have invested billions in developing online banking platforms — offering ease and convenience for customers, some still choose going in-branch.

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It's Time For A Financial Wellness Check

Many of us will be spending more time at home over the coming weeks, as entertainment and other gatherings are cancelled, now is an excellent time to assess your financial wellness. Financial Wellness is especially important now as we think about how we can best prepare for the changes that have come with COVID-19. If you are self-employed, or if you have a business that relies on a flow of customers, there is likely to be reduced revenues for a time. You are probably already aware of that. Even salaried employees will face additional expenses as we work from home, have children off from school and are ramping up our personal hygiene and cleaning practices. For all of us, there is the possibility of costs related to our health care.

You can see why experts suggest having an emergency fund of 6 – 12 months of expenses. For most, this is an uphill battle. But the first step is seeing where you are and thinking seriously about where you need to be.

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