Benefits of NCB eCommerce Solutions

Unleash The Power of Your Online Business

NCB eCommerce equips your business to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist online. Take your business online and to the world with NCB eCommerce:


Go Global

Reach the global market and increase your customer base.


Convenient & Efficient

Increase convenience and efficiency with 24/7 access to your business.



Customers will have the opportunity to choose their preferred currency.


Fast Settlement

Transactions are settled directly to your your NCB JMD and/or USD Account in as fast as 24 hours

No Website! No Problem!

NCB Website Templates

Start selling online swiftly with NCB eCommerce Business in a Box.


Get started in minutes with ready-to-use customizable templates supported by Fygaro Shops.

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Payment Buttons

Accept Card Payments on your social media channels, whatsapp, email and website - anytime, anywhere. NCB Payment Buttons give you a shareable and clickable icon or text that you can send to your customers to Never Miss A Sale Online.


  1. Swift - So you can process more sales in less time.
  2. Simple - Easily bill, collect and ship locally and internationally with DHL!
  3. Secure - Constantly monitored for compliance with payment standards. All payment buttons are unique to the business.

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Scan & Pay!

NCB vPos

With Virtual POS (vPOS), customers scan a QR Code generated by your device and pay using their preferred payment method. Note: Merchants who sign up for NCB Payment Buttons, can benefit from vPOS as an add-on, at no additional cost. It's lightning-fast, secure, contactless, and it's all done through a smartphone or tablet - no extra devices needed.

Using vPos is Easy:

  1. Input the amount: When a customer is ready to pay, simply enter the purchase amount into your device.
  2. Scan: Next, the customer scans the QR Code generated by your device with their smartphone.
  3. Pay: The customer chooses their preferred payment method and completes payment. It's lightning-fast.

    Fast & Easy to Use
    Efficient & Versatile
    Safe & Contact Free
Capitalize on our Marketplaces

Sell On Another Merchant's eCommerce Website

We’ve got a spot in an online mall with your name on it! Sign up and sell to customers across the globe through a marketplace powered by our eCommerce solution.

You'll get access to:

  1. Built in Loyalty Programmes
  2. Free Digital Marketing
  3. Coupon Programmes
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Need a custom solution?

Customized Website

Standard Payment Gateway is a fast and secure, platform that enables merchants to process multi-currency credit card transactions on their website using MasterCard, Visa and KeyCard.

Hosted Payment Page allows merchants to process multi-currency credit card transactions on the payment page hosted by FAC.



Listen to the stories of a few existing merchants who are utilizing our eCommerce Solutions.


Here's what you'll need:

  • If offering a trade, your company should be registered with Companies Office of Jamaica. If offering a service, and operating in your own name, you are not necessarily required to register your company, in this case you may apply using your personal NCB bank account.
  • Copies of the following documents are required:
    1. Memorandum and Articles of Association
    2. Article of Incorporation
    3. Trading as Certificate
    4. Company Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  • Provision of formal letter requesting this service (include the nature of your business).
  • Open two NCB business bank accounts (J$ and US$)
  • Signed Merchant Application and Agreement forms
  • Requisite license for operating (if applicable)

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