Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eCommerce solution from NCB?

eCommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. With the NCB eCommerce Solution, your business will be equipped to take advantage of all the business opportunities that exist online. What's more, all payments will be processed through our robust and secure platform.

What are the key features of NCB eCommerce?

  • Multi-currency settlement via a single interface
  • Real-time processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Customizable Hosted Pages
  • Card Number Tokenization
  • Batch processing
  • Secure, web-based transaction reporting
  • 24 x 7 telephone, web and email technical support
  • 3-D Secure
  • CVV2/CVC2/CID and AVS checks
  • PCI Compliant gateway

What are its benefits?

Reach the global market and increase your customer base.

Increase convenience and efficiency with 24/7 access to your business.

Your customers will be given multiple options from which to select their desired currency.

Transactions are settled directly to your NCB Business Account.

View detailed transaction reports using your online self-service portal.

Your customer transactions are secure with 3D Secure, Tokenization and PCI DSS Compliance

What eCommerce products do we offer?

  • First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) Standard Payment Gateway - is a fast and secure, platform that enables merchants to process multi-currency credit card transactions on their website using MasterCard, Visa and KeyCard. These transactions can be pre-authorized, authorized only, captured, reversed and refunded via the payment gateway using Web Services on the merchant’s web payment page.
  • First Atlantic Commerce (FAC) Hosted Payment Page - Like the standard payment gateway, merchants are able to process multi-currency credit card transactions, however, these transactions are processed on a merchant’s payment page hosted by FAC’s servers. This service seamlessly redirects the cardholder from the merchant’s website to a separate and secure webpage hosted by FAC, where the customer enters their payment details for processing.
  • NCB Business In A Box - is an ecommerce in a box solution ideal for freelancers and SMEs as it enables merchants to sell online, accept payments and ship orders internationally with ease. NCB Business in A Box features include:
    • NCB Payment Buttons (powered by Fygaro)
      Equipped with all the necessary features, NCB Payment Buttons offers small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to sell online, receive payment, and ship orders with ease via DHL. Having this solution will enable you to share your payment button on social media networks and accept payment in seconds without any technical expertise.
    • NCB Website Templates (powered by Fygaro)
      Website templates from NCB allows you to create your web store by selecting a theme from a gallery or requesting a custom-built template.
    • NCB Marketplace Payment Solutions
      NCB provides electronic payment processing for marketplace providers who will host merchants at their agreed pricing and terms. Examples of local marketplace providers include:

Added Benefit: Assist merchants with accessing working capital financing through a Pre-Approved Business Credit Card and Merchant Advance Loan facility.

Which product is best suited for my business?
Segment Definition FAC Standard FAC Hosted Page NCB Website Templates NCB Payment Buttons
Micro <J$1M
Small >J$1M but <J$5M
Medium >$J5 but <J$600M
Large >J$600M
What is the cost to acquire NCB Website Templates / Payment Buttons (Powered by Fygaro)

Description NCB Payment Buttons NCB Website Templates (Only applicable with NCB Payment Buttons)
One Time Activation fee US$60.00 US$60.00
1 User US$14.99 US$30
3 Users US$19.99 US$30
10 Users US$49.99 US$30
Transaction fee per merchant US$0.25 US$0.25
MDR (per transaction) 4.00% 4.00%

*All fees listed in the above table attracts a GCT charge of 15%

What is the cost to acquire the Standard and Hosted Pages solution (for custom websites)?
Description FAC (Standard and Hosted Page)
Merchant Pays
Set up/integration fee US$550
Monthly support fee US$40
Transaction fee per merchant US$0.25
MDR (per transaction) 4.00%

*All fees listed in the above table attracts a GCT charge of 15%

How do we calculate your Merchant fee?


Sample Calculation:



Transaction Amount x MDR Rate

= J$5,000.00 * 0.04

= J$200.00


Fee Per Transaction:

Fee Per Transaction x FX Rate

= US$0.25 x 120.00*

= J$30.00


Total Fee Charged:

MDR + Fee Per Transaction

= J$200.00 + J$30.00

= J$230.00


GCT Charged:

Total Fee x GCT

= J$230.00 x 15%

= J$34.50


Total Fee + GCT Charged:

Total Fee + GCT

= J$230.00 + J$34.50

= J$264.50


Net Proceeds Remaining:

Transaction Amount – Total Fee + GCT Charged

= J$5,000.00 – J$264.50

= J$4,735.50


Your bank account will show the full transaction amount of J$5,000.00, then the commission and GCT as withdrawals.


*The FX Rate of 120:1 used in this sample calculation is for example purposes.

  • Merchants who select the FAC standard and hosted page will have their monthly charges debited from their NCB business account.
  • Merchants, who select NCB Payment Buttons or NCB Website Templates, will be required to have a credit card or a Visa/MasterCard debit card, as monthly charges will be charged to the card.
What is Kount? (Optional Add On for FAC Standard Integration and Hosted Payment Page options)

Kount is an all-in-one fraud and risk management solution, which empowers businesses to set its own fraud management rules. This solution is offered to companies who facilitate card-not-present transactions and are seeking to simplify their fraud/risk operations whilst significantly increasing their revenue.

Monthly fraud support fee per Merchant US$20.00
Per transaction Fee US$0.10

Benefits of Kount

  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Reduced number of fraudulent transactions
  • Reduced number of chargebacks
  • Both the merchant and customers are protected
What are the requirements to apply for this solution?
  1. If offering a trade, your company should be registered with Companies Office of Jamaica. If offering a service, and operating in your own name, you are not necessarily required to register your company. If it is a registered company, the following are required:
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Article of Incorporation
    • Trading as Certificate
    • Company Tax Registration Number (TRN)
  2. Provision of formal letter requesting this service (include the nature of your business and sales forecast)
  3. Open NCB bank accounts (J$ and/or US$)
  4. Signed Merchant Application and Agreement forms
  5. Requisite license for operating (if applicable)

Once your merchant account is created, each merchant will have an assigned Sales and Relationship Officer (SRO) who will assist you with the application process.

What happens after I apply?


For Standard Integrations/ Hosted Payment Page Options

Your web developer will be required to integrate our eCommerce platform into your Website with the use of an API. During this stage, the developer will be guided by FAC to complete the following:

  • Review the FAC Technical Integration Guide for Developers.
  • Complete the FAC Processing Questionnaire and Merchant Form
  • Complete Integration & Testing with FAC support

For NCB Payment Buttons or NCB Website Template Options

Once approved, you will be required to add details of products/ services including images, pricing, weight and inventory quantity on the Fygaro platform. Thereafter, you may share the payment buttons (in all major currencies) with your customers or publish your website to start accepting payments, with or without a website.


Congratulations! Now you’ll be able to accept online payments for your goods and services.

What are the general requirements for setting up an eCommerce website?

  • Complete description of goods/services offered
  • Currency of transaction
  • Update website with all policies including Delivery, Refund, Return and Cancellation
  • Legal entity name & Address
  • Customer Service contact
  • Terms & Conditions

What type of support will be provided?

  • Technical Issues – Support is available by email, webchat, whatsapp chat, telephone and scheduled video calls.
  • Transaction Issues - For transaction related issues including settlement and fees, please contact our Customer Care Centre 24/7 or your Sales and Relationship Officer.

Which brands are accepted on our platform?

  • KeyCard
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Quisk

When do I receive the funds in my NCB account?

Settlements are made as fast as next business day, for transactions processed up to 4:00 pm each day in either your NCB USD or NCB JMD Account.

Can NCB accept payments from other payment providers such as Paypal and Stripe?

NCB does not integrate with Paypal or Stripe.