Protect your Money Online

To increase protection of your accounts against fraud, internet scams and other cyber threats, NCB will be introducing a new security technology, RSA SecurID token (security tokens). This solution is a globally recognised security tool used by many banks to protect confidential information and assets.

The security token provides a unique code that, along with your PIN, will be required to:

  • Login to your NCB Online Banking accounts and
  • Validate transactions

Customers have the option of a ‘soft token’ via a mobile app on a smartphone or a ‘hard token’ via a physical device. We encourage you to sign up for your RSA token today. Note that you will require the use of a token to do transactions including - Third Party Transfers, Wire Transfers and to Add/Transfer to Beneficiaries.


How do you get a token?

  • Visit NCB Online and login using the current process
  • Select Yes to "Are you ready to increase your security?
  • For Soft Tokens
    • Download the RSA SecurID Software Token from the appropriate mobile app store
    • Select Mobile App
    • Follow onscreen instructions to register
  • For Hard Tokens
    • Select Physical Device -->location to collect device
    • Collect device at selected location
    • Log back into NCB Online and follow the onscreen instructions

For additional information, please review the FAQs, view the registration demos or feel free to contact our 24 hr Customer Care Centre at 1-888-622-3477.

SECURITY TIP: NCB will never send you an email requesting that you click a link, or download an attachment, in order to update your information. If you have questions about the authenticity of an email, immediately report to our Customer Care Centre.