Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is the RSA Security feature?
NCB is introducing RSA SecurID token, also called security tokens, which will better help you protect your account from internet fraud and phishing scams. This solution provides a unique code that, along with your Personal Identification Number (PIN), is required for login and validation of transactions that may fall outside of your normal transactions pattern. 

2.    How do I access security tokens?
Tokens are accessible in two forms:

  • Physical devices (hardware or hard tokens): The device displays:

a.    Unique six-digit security code which changes periodically
b.    Countdown Timer which indicates the time remaining before the current code expires
c.    Serial Number located at the back of the token that must be used when registering the token

  • Mobile App (software or soft tokens)

The mobile app is accessible for Android and iPhone devices. To download same, visit the app store, type in ‘RSA SecurID Software Token’. If the icon is not on your phone’s ‘Home screen’, look for it in the ‘Applications’ or ‘Download’ folders.

3.    After downloading the app, how do I complete registration? 
Logon to Retail Internet Banking and follow the instructions.

4.    What if I do not have an Android or Iphone mobile device?
If you do not currently have one of these mobile devices, you will be issued a physical device. You will use this along with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to generate a unique code, which gives you access to internet banking and validates transactions which fall outside your normal transactions pattern.

5.    How do I get a physical token?
You are first required to request the token via NCB Online. The token may then be collected at any NCB branch upon presentation of your valid picture identification (Driver’s License, Passport, and Voter’s ID).

6.    How should I store the physical device?
The token should be stored securely and as far as possible, we recommend that it is kept near to your person, for e.g. on a keychain, in your handbag.

7.    How do I check the expiration date for the physical token?
Each physical device has an expiration date that is written clearly on the back.

8.    What is my RSA Security PIN? 
You will be required to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) during the new user registration process on Internet Banking. The PIN consists of four (4) characters and is alphanumeric (can be all alpha or all numeric or both). It is used with the security code to create a 10-digit unique code, to enable access to and/or transaction processing on internet banking

9.    When does my pin expire?
Your PIN does not expire.

10.    What if I forget my RSA Security PIN?
Should you forget your RSA Security PIN, you will be required to contact the Customer Care Centre for assistance with resetting your PIN.

11.    Are the tokens secure?
Yes. The RSA SecurID token is one of the most secure authentication solutions used by banks and other entities globally. 

To ensure you do not compromise the security of the token, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  • To help prevent phishing attacks, do not enter the codes from your token into links that you clicked on in e-mails. Instead, the codes must only be used to authenticate access to NCB Online.  
  • Regularly close your browser and clear your cache of data.
  • Always logout of applications when you have finished working with them.
  • Never share your PIN or give anyone access to your token

12.    Will I be able to use NCB Online if I don’t have a  token?

Customers are encouraged to get a token in order to continue accessing NCB Online.

13.    Am I required to pay a fee for the token?
No, you will not be required to pay a fee for the token. 

14.    Who needs a token?
All customers who utilise NCB Online will require a token in order to access the facility and conduct transactions.

15.    Do I need the token to conduct all transactions?
No. The token will not be required for all transactions as it is based upon the risk level of the specific transaction. At the point of transacting, a risk assessment is conducted to determine whether the transaction falls outside of your normal pattern. If it does, the token will be required. 

For e.g., if you usually transfer $10,000 in total on a monthly basis and an attempt is made to transfer $100,000, the token will be required to validate this transaction. Similarly, if you usually login from somewhere in Jamaica, and an attempt is made to login from Dubai, then the token will be required to validate this attempt. 

16.    What if I am unable to access my token, how can I still access/conduct transactions?
Bearing in mind the examples provided in question 15, if you are unable to access your token, you may not be able to use NCB Online.

17.    How do I obtain a replacement token?
You are required to contact NCB’s 24/7 Customer Care Centre at 888-622-3477 to request a replacement token. Please also make sure to have the following on hand.

  • Midas Card Number
  • Internet Banking User ID

18.    Who do I call for technical support?
For technical support, please feel free to contact our dedicated line everyday 6:00am - 10:00pm at (876) 936 - 4374. For 24 hr assistance, call Customer Care Centre at 888-622-3477.

19.    Is there a cost to obtain a replacement hardware token?
Yes, The cost is $1,450 inclusive of GCT.

20.    How do I switch between tokens?

For Soft Token (app) users:

To switch app from one phone to another-
  • Do NOT delete the app from your old phone until the process has been completed, as you will need this to initiate the "Switch Software Token" process.
  • Simply download the app to the new phone.
  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • Select the "My Profile" tab.
  • Click on "Switch Software Token" and follow instructions.

To switch to Hard Token (physicial device)

  • Do NOT delete the app from your old phone until the process has been completed, as you will need this to initiate the "Switch Software Token" process.
  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • Select the "My Profile" tab.
  • Click on "Switch Token Type" and follow instructions.
  • NOTE: You will be charged J$1,450.00 inclusive of GCT for the Hardware Token.

For Hard Token (physical device) users:

To switch to Soft Token (app)
  • You will need the Hardware Token to initiate the "Switch Token Type" process.
  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • Select the "My Profile" tab.
  • Click on "Switch Software Token" and follow instructions.
Please be reminded that lost/stolen tokens must be reported immediately to the NCB Customer Care Centre at 888-NCB-FIRST in order to maintain your security. To initiate the lost/stolen Token/Device process, you will be required to contact the NCB Customer Care Centre/RSA Support Line.

21.    How do I reset my PIN?

  1. Sign into Retail Internet Banking
  2. Go to "My Profile" tab
  3. Select RSA Set PIN
  4. Enter current PIN + Token
  5. Once entered correctly, you will be prompted to create a new PIN and retype same for confirmation.

22.    I do not use the RSA app frequently; Can I delete it from my phone then download when I need it?

We encourage customers not to delete the RSA app. If you delete the RSA app from your phone, you will need to call the RSA helpline/Customer Care Centre to have the token cleared from your online profile. After which, you will need to re-download the app and complete the token registration process again by logging into NCB Online and following the instructions.