Frequently Asked Questions


The new NCB Visa Debit is an EMV-enabled debit card that offers savings account holders the convenience of using their card locally, online or internationally.

Cashless POS transactions 
Pay for goods or services locally and internationally in any currency wherever Visa is accepted.

Get Cash
Withdraw from the main account or any deposit account linked to their card at NCB ABMs or any Multilink or Visa affiliated ATMs worldwide.

Pay for online purchases and services, wherever Visa is accepted.

Contactless transactions
Simply tap your card at any merchant displaying the contactless logo on the terminal. Only transactions over US$75 or JM$10,000 will
require a PIN.

More Access
Acesss up to four other card-based deposit accounts at NCB ABMs with just one card, through Account Linkage.

Customers may receive an NCB Visa Debit card by visiting an NCB branch island wide and open an account. Existing customers will be upgraded to the new visa debit card by visiting the branch (walk in or by appointment).

No, customers will be required to first activate and PIN the card before it will be available for use. Customers are encouraged to activate their card at the iABM within 3 hours of pick up, if not they may use the NCB Mobile app, visit or call 876-936-4222.

Customers may call our Customer Care Centre at 876-622-3477 or visit the nearest branch for further assistance.

Customers will simply present their card at any local merchant. The card will be inserted, swiped or tapped at the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal; they will then enter their 4-digit PIN or sign the receipt to complete the transaction, for purchases up to US$75 or J$10,000 customers may tap and for transactions above they will be required to tap and enter a PIN.

Yes, customers can use their NCB Visa Debit card to withdraw in the local currency of the country they are in from any Visa-affiliated ATM. As well as pay for their purchases at Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals in stores wherever Visa is accepted.

Customers are encouraged to advise us prior to traveling so that we are aware that international transactions will be processed on the card.

Yes, customers can pay for online purchases with the NCB Visa Debit card.

For a full list of transaction fees and charges, please visit

Yes, the expiration date of the card is located on the front of the card. Once the card has expired, customers will not be able to do transactions.

Customers may renew their card by visiting the branch up to 2 months before the expiration date of the current card.

Yes, the NCB Visa Debit card will automatically be linked to the customer’s internet banking profile. New customers will, however, be required to complete the process by creating their username and password. 

NCB Visa Debit Card Account Linkage

The NCB Visa Debit card can have (1) Main Chequing or Savings (Account along with up to three (3) “other” Linked Deposit Accounts. Customers are also required to select a “Default” account, that can be used for e-commerce and international transactions at ATM and POS terminals. 

Yes, customers may change any of the accounts linked to their card. Simply visit any NCB branch near you.

The customer's NCB Visa Debit card withdrawal and spending limits will not increase regardless of the number of accounts linked to the card.  

If the customer has lost their card or suspect unauthorized activity on their account, they can block it by simply contacting our Customer Care Centre at 888-622-3477.

The chip on the card provides an additional layer of security as it uses a sophisticated system of unique codes and electronic signatures every time a transaction is done – reducing the likeliness that the card details can be cloned or intercepted. If any suspicious activity is noticed on the account, the customer should report it immediately by contacting our Customer Care Centre at 888-622-3477.


Contactless payments allow customers to make a quick and easy payment of up to US$75 or J$10,000 by tapping their contactless-enabled NCB Visa Debit card on a payment terminal to process a transaction. For purchases up to US$75 or J$10,000 customers may tap and for transactions above, they will be required to tap and enter a PIN.
The card will have a wave symbol on the front if it is ready to use with contactless payment terminals.

Contactless uses a hidden embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After the customer taps their contactless NCB Visa Debit card or device at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the Visa network. 

Contactless payments are more secured than a magnetic stripe, as it utilizes encryption technology.

Be in control – Contactless-enabled cards or devices never leave your hands to make a payment
• No accidental payments – Contactless-enabled cards or devices must be close to the reader at checkout to work
• Not billed twice – even if the card is tapped more than once at checkout, you only get billed once for your purchase

To make a payment, customers will be required to simply tap their NCB Visa Debit contactless card on the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal. For purchases up to US$75 or J$10,000 customers may tap and for transactions above they will be required to tap and enter a PIN or sign the receipt.

Yes, the NCB Visa debit card is both magnetic stripe, chip and contactless enabled. Customers may use contactless cards in magnetic stripe and Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal by swiping the card or inserting the card.

Point of Sale (POS) terminals have been especially designed to prevent customers from paying for the same thing twice, making the chances of a customer getting charged double are unlikely. In the event that that a customer is charged twice, the transaction will be reversed within ten (10) days.

 It is very unlikely that a customer will end up paying for someone else’s transaction as contactless payments only work within a short distance. Typically, the card or device needs to be between 2cm and 10cm away from a payment terminal. 

Midas Phase-out

Customers are required to visit a branch to have their Midas upgraded to the NCB Visa Debit card by March 31, 2023. With this phase-out, Midas card customers will require an NCB Visa Debit card instead to carry out transactions. 

We want you to experience increased functionalities, convenience, and security when using your debit card. With the new Visa Debit card, you will access a wide range of benefits and features:

• Shop online and anywhere in the world Visa is accepted 
• Real-time person-to-personal funds transfers with Visa Direct 
• Rewards when you register and book flights, hotels and car rentals with NCB miles 
• Tap and Go for faster payments through contactless technology 
• SMS alerts for all your transactions
• Price Protection on all purchases valued up to a certain amount 
• EMV chip card is safer than Midas Card as it provides increased protection to counterfeit fraud 

You may visit any branch today or schedule an appointment by visiting, selecting personal banking and following the on-screen instructions. Bring along your Midas card, TRN, and a valid government-issued photo ID. If any of the following information on your file is outdated, please bring along the respective documents to update your account and collect your new card: 
• Proof of Address (e.g. a recent utility bill, Driver’s Licence or National ID)
• Proof of Income (e.g. a recent job letter or payslip)
• Contact information for two (2) referees 

 Once you arrive, tell an NCB representative if you have an appointment or stopped by to collect your new NCB Visa Debit card. 

You may contact our Customer Care Centre at 866-622-3477 for a step-by-step process guide..