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Welcome to the new NCB Visa Debit Card with purchasing power that takes you places, 24/7 access to your funds worldwide, unique travel benefits with NCB Miles, and so much more!

Benefits and Security

Access the Expedia Group’s best travel deals on local and international flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences and earn exclusive rewards which can be redeemed wherever Visa is accepted with our NCB Miles platform. 

When customers register on NCB Miles they will receive an in-app virtual card that can be added to their favourite e-wallet – whether Apple Pay, G-Pay or Samsung Pay – and make purchases from their smartphone using their rewards card!

Advanced security every time you shop, thanks to the power of EMV Chip and PIN technology. Each time you use your card in-store or at an ABM, a unique number will be generated. This number will change every time you use your card, making it almost impossible for your chip card to be counterfeited.

You’ll receive real-time SMS alerts every time you do a transaction.

Friends and family overseas can send money directly to any Visa Debit cardholder’s account, similar to a remittance service however, you receive your funds within 30 minutes. This is free of charge to the receiver.

Get the best price available on all purchases that you make with your NCB Visa Debit card. If you find a lower price for an item you purchased (same manufacturer and model) within 30 days of your purchase, you will be refunded the difference.

For NCB Visa Debit Platinum cardholders, if your card is lost or stolen, you can receive a replacement card in case of an emergency. The Visa Assistance Centre will make its best efforts to get you a card as soon as possible, wherever you are.

For those things unplanned, we have you covered. Your NCB Visa Platinum Debit card gives you Emergency Medical Assistance up to US$150,000 so you can take the trip, knowing you’re equipped with coverage that goes wherever you go.

Your NCB Visa Platinum Debit card knows that you’ve got places to go. So, it helps you save money every time you use it to rent a car at home or abroad. Charge the full cost of your car rental to your card and the Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance will cover you at no additional cost. You will be protected against loss arising from damage to the rental car.

Even if you shop until you drop, the protection won’t stop. Using your NCB Visa Platinum Debit card to make purchases automatically covers you if they are damaged or stolen within the first 45 days up to US$10,000 per annum. This coverage can help with the cost of repairs or replacement in most cases.

Enjoy coverage that’s twice as nice! Every time you use your NCB Visa Platinum Debit card to make a purchase, your manufacturer’s warranty will be twice as long (up to 1 extra year) for any necessary repairs.

For Visa Concierge, service is a mindset. Visa Concierge specializes in delivering first class service and support to Visa Debit Platinum Cardholders completely designed to suit your needs, whatever they are. Whether you’re at home or overseas Visa Concierge provides 24hr assistance so you can get back to enjoying more of life with less of the stress. Contact the Visa Concierge at 1-800-396-9665 (from the Caribbean) or 1-303-967-1098 (when travelling abroad).

How To Get Your NCB Visa Debit Card?

NCB Visa Debit Cards are ready for pick-up!

We are fading out our Midas card so don't wait until last minute to switch out your card. Visit your preferred branch to make an appointment to receive your new Visa Debit Card. 

Using Your Visa Debit Card

If you have just collected your card and are still at the branch, use the NCB iABM. Be advised that attempts to activate a card outside the stipulated 3-hour window will cause your card to be captured by the iABM. We strongly advise that you activate your card using the below options if you have already left the branch:

Visit www.jncb.com/activate

OR: The NCB Mobile App

OR: Call 8‌76-936-‌42‌22 and follow the activation steps.

When you use it in-store the amount of your purchase is deducted directly from your connected chequing or savings account(s). Plus, you’ll receive SMS alerts every time funds are drawn.

In store purchases are a breeze with Tap & Go and Chip & Pin, speed through checkout with the fast and secure way to pay.

Tap & Go

Now you can pay with a single tap on purchases J$5000 and under. Your NCB Visa Debit is a contactless card so when you see the PayWave sign on the terminal, just wave your card over the reader. Your card will never have to leave your hand.

Chip & Pin

Some terminals may still require the Chip & PIN method to process transactions. You will be required to insert your card into the reader. If the merchant terminal is not EMV-enabled, you will be asked to Swipe & Sign. Both methods require you to enter your 4-digit PIN to complete your transaction.

Your NCB Visa Debit card is accepted at ABMs worldwide, so you can obtain cash locally and internationally from any financial institution.

Make purchases on any site that accepts Visa cards. Always check if the site is secured before you proceed with your transaction. Your Cardholder Verification Value (CVV), found at the back of your card, is usually requested to complete your transaction.

1. Select the items or service you want to purchase and head to check out.

2. At check out, enter your debit card information: 16-digit card number, expiration date and CVV code.

3. Make sure you’ve used the correct billing address for your debit card. 

• Ensure that the envelope you receive your NCB Visa Debit card in is SEALED.
• Ensure that the 4-digit PIN that you create will be easy for you to remember. However, we recommend that you do not select your birthdate, telephone number or any other easy-to-guess combinations.
• Memorise your PIN. Do not write it down on your debit card, keep it on your phone, computer, or in an app.
• Do not share your PIN with anyone.
• Change your PIN immediately if you think it has been compromised.
• You can change your PIN by calling 876-936-4222 or by visiting www.jncb.com/activate 

Call us immediately or visit us in branch about the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your NCB Visa Debit card and/or PIN. The telephone numbers to report the incident are as follows:

Jamaica: 888-622-3477 or 876-754-4622
USA, Canada & the English Speaking Caribbean: 1-866-622-3477
Rest of the world: 0-800-032-2973 


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NCB Miles

With your NCB Visa Debit card, you’ll get convenient and unparalleled access to rewards with NCB Miles.
NCB Miles takes you even further with these awesome incentives!

Extensive Redemption Opportunities

Rewards at over 46M Merchants Worldwide

Up to US$500 in compensation for flight delays

Up to US$50k for medical emergencies

Compensation for lost/damaged luggage

Update/Cancel Bookings for free