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Build Your Career With NCB


NCB allows students to gain experience in the working world while displaying their talents through internships.

“Working with the National Commercial Bank has been tremendous! I have met great persons in my approximate four (4) years of being affiliated with the bank through school-related partnerships, internships and now on a full time basis. Through providing internships, NCB continually nurtures seeds which bring forth positive, transformational changes to the society and the world.”

“NCB’s internship was my first job experience, little did I know I’d enjoy working so much. I must say that NCB’s friendly employees and customers made everyday of the two months memorable. Working in customer service ensured the improvement of my interpersonal skills”.

“My internship at NCB was an exciting experience I won’t forget! For two months I got the chance to observe the fundamentals of a top class banking institution and it helped to fast track both my personal and professional development”

“My experience at NCB has been a welcomed learning experience. Not only was I exposed to an outstanding group but the wealth of knowledge attained in the nine (9) months I have been here has contributed tremendously to my future endeavours. What stood out to me was the excellent team work dynamic and “pushing past limits” approach that I observed which has now become apart of who I am.”

NCB offers internships all year round. Our Internship Program is a great learning platform, which allows high school and university students to take learning outside the classroom and into the working environment. Our program provides a focused and structured work experience through responsibility for meeting timelines, making decisions, and working in teams. The experience gained by interns will prepare them for their career path and build their personal brand. Interns also get to apply their knowledge acquired from their academic preparation into meaningful on-the job experience. This gives the organization the opportunity to assess potential talent and create relationships from which future employment opportunities may arise.


Summer Internship Program

Our popular Summer Internship Program began in 1998 and is still in operation. Every summer we take over 100 interns on board. During your three months, our NCB family aims to provide an unforgettable experience for you. We believe in working hard, but fun is also something we promote. That’s why we try our best to make your internship a fun filled learning experience. Your personal growth is in our best interest and so we will provide any support that you may need. We welcome you to make an impact.