N.C.B. Foundation Expands CSEC Bursary to include CAPE Computer Science

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N.C.B. Foundation Expands CSEC Bursary to include CAPE Computer Science

20 Mar 2024


Kingston, Jamaica – March 20, 2024:
As part of its thrust to support the development of digital skills in Jamaica, N.C.B. Foundation has announced the expansion of its annual Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) bursary to include both units of Computer Science at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) level.
"By investing in Computer Science education, we are equipping our students with advanced skills to thrive in a digital and technology-driven world," said Sheree Martin, CEO of N.C.B. Foundation. “As the global economy becomes increasingly reliant on technology, N.C.B. Foundation's focus on the development of digital skills positions Jamaican students to be at the forefront of innovation, job creation and the creation of an employable talent pool.”
Speaking at the launch of the 2024 programme, the Hon. Fayval Williams, Minister of Education and Youth said, “I am very pleased to see organisations such as the N.C.B. Foundation investing on the lives of our future leaders. Education is a collective effort, requiring collaboration between government, private sector partners, educators, and students themselves. It is heartening to witness the positive impact that such partnerships can have on our educational landscape.”
Minister Williams added, “I commend the N.C.B. Foundation for your commitment to promoting access to quality education for all students. By investing in programmes that reduce financial barriers to academic advancement, we move closer to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape.”
Started in 2003, N.C.B. Foundation’s CXC bursary initially covered the fees for students sitting examinations for Principles of Business and Principles of Accounts. In 2019, the Foundation shifted its focus to digital, with a goal to support the expansion of the pool of digital producers in Jamaica. This move led to the bursary being redirected to students sitting Information Technology (IT) exams at the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate (CSEC) level. 
“As times change, so do the skills our students need,” Martin added. “We’re ensuring that our Jamaican students are not just participants, but future leaders in the digital economy. We have seen the potential of this space, and the new opportunities that are presented each day. So, our commitment is to foster a generation that is well-versed in digital literacy, and equipped with the skills needed to build and generate wealth for themselves and their families through the digital economy.”
To date, N.C.B. Foundation has invested over J$243 million in its CXC bursary, facilitating over 113,000 examination sittings for Jamaican students in both public and private institutions. This year, NCBF’s investment of $8.7M is expected to cover the fees for over 1,600 exam sittings for students in 43 schools across Jamaica, starting in May.
About the N.C.B. Foundation
Formalised in 2003, N.C.B. Foundation has since invested over J$2 billion in various programmes and strategic initiatives geared at education and community development across Jamaica, Haiti, St. Vincent and Barbados. NCB Foundation is funded by 1% of the profits of NCB Financial Group and the projects are all aligned with building a better Jamaica. N.C.B. Foundation pursues its mandate of expanding Jamaica’s pool of digital producers, through the development and cultivation of future-fit digital talent and skills. While it supports numerous projects and initiatives throughout the year, its annual Grant a Wish and Scholarship and Grants programmes are highly anticipated and celebrated for their positive impact on the individuals, institutions and communities involved. 
For further information on the NCB CXC CSEC and CAPE bursary, please visit www.jncb.com/csec