Invest Differently

Your investment goals may include securing multiple streams of income, investing for long term goals, preserving your wealth, or maintaining liquidity while accessing high returns. With that in mind, our investment arm, NCB Capital Markets Limited, is committed to offering a broad range of attractive opportunities, and innovations aimed at simplifying your experience. This is backed by sound investment advice from our world-class team of investments. In so doing, we underscore our promise to give you an unmatched investment experience that delivers seamless access to superior returns on your investments irrespective of your risk tolerance.

  • Integrated Digital Access – We are proud to give you access to a digital first investment experience that in known for giving access to attractive opportunities anytime, anywhere - NCBCM Wealth Connect Mobile App,, NCB Capital Markets Online (accessed via
  • Alternative Investments – Our Stratus Alternative Investment Funds are designed to give above average risk adjusted returns – Opportunity Fund, Caribbean Mezzanine Fund, Tourism Response Impact Portfolio (TRIP Fund), Private Equity SME Fund, Infrastructure Fund.
  • Return Enhancements and Liquidity – Our proven asset allocation framework comprising of Repos, Bonds, Equity, Money Market, Unit Trusts, and Alternative Investments within your portfolio, is designed to give you a perfect balance of liquidity in your portfolio while giving superior returns over the long term.
  • Research and Insights - Take advantage of world-class research and advisory from the team most referenced by local and regional stakeholders.