Complaints & Feedback

Looking for the quickest ways to get support? 

Your satisfaction is important to us, so if our service fell short of your expectations, we want to fix that. Let us know the challenge you are facing through any one of our convenient channels.

NCB Assist – (Online Banking – Help & Services Menu)
Create service requests in a few simple steps with NCB Assist. Simply log on to the NCB Personal or Business Online Banking platform, click the 'Help & Service' tab and select NCBAssist-Service Requests and Complaints to create a service request or submit a complaint.

Personal or Business Online Banking Messaging Centre
The Messaging Centre is part of our secure banking platform where your sensitive information is protected and kept confidential. Plus, we will have all the necessary details to assist you promptly. Click on the envelope on the top right hand corner of the page to reach out.

By using email, you can track your conversation history for seamless resolution of your banking concerns. Send us a message at [email protected] and our team will assist you every step of the way.

Live Chat (Mobile App or Online Banking)
Need to resolve a banking issue minus the hassle? Say goodbye to phone queues and hello to prompt responses from Simone, our friendly Chabot, or one of our agents. Use the Live Chat feature for instant assistance from our agents, anywhere, anytime. 

Manage My Card Portal
Dispute unknown transactions, request a replacement for cards, block/unblock cards, access FlexiPay, and more. Visit to get started.


Our Customer Care Representatives are ready to take swift, corrective action on the issue you are facing. Call us today for personalized support:

 • 888-NCB-FIRST (888-622-3477) - Jamaica
 • 1-866-NCB-FIRST (1-866-622-3477) - USA, CANADA & the Caribbean
 • 0-800-032-2973 – UNITED KINGDOM