Point of Sale (POS)

Never Miss a Sale with NCB POS Terminals

Attract more customers and enable them to spend more with an NCB Point of Sale (POS) solution. No matter your business size, a POS system can make it easier, safer and more profitable. Our affordable POS solutions can quickly process all Multilink debit cards and major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and JCBI.


Get ready to enjoy:

  • Increased Revenue – Giving your customers additional payment options has proven to increase their spending power, your traffic and sales.
  • Increased Security – Electronic POS reduces the amount of cash held onsite, with funds settled directly to merchant account.
  • Less Hassle – No need to process and wait for cheques to clear.
  •  More Accurate Record Keeping – A POS system keeps records of daily sales transactions. Print reports whenever you need detailed information on purchase history.
  • Easier Access to Credit – Use your POS volumes to get preapproved for a business credit card or qualify for a loan through our merchant advance facility to boost your business, no collateral required. 

Learn More About Our POS Solutions

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Click here to access the Engaged POS Terminal Reference Guide -> Quick Reference Guide 

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Getting Started

Processing a Sale

Processing a Sale (Debit Card)