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PCI DSS Merchant Compliance Programme

The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) provides guidelines for the safety and security of cardholder data across the globe. These standards are designed to prevent theft and fraudulent use of cardholder data and compliance with these regulations are mandatory internationally.
As a merchant who accepts payments via debit and credit cards, you are required to complete a Merchant Compliance programme to demonstrate that you are compliant with the established Data Security Standards. To assist with this, we have engaged an external partner, Viking Cloud (formerly Sysnet Global Solutions), which will contact you and provide further information on how to complete this programme.
But before you get started, please review the documents below, which provide all the information you need to know:

For more information about the Merchant Compliance Programme, please contact your Merchant Representative or our 24 hour Customer Care Centre at 876-935-2600

 Having issues with completing the SAQ?

If you need any help getting started or working through the compliance process, please feel free to contact Viking Cloud Support via the following channels:

Contact NCB Card Centre via our Customer Call Centre:

Tel: 888-NCB-FIRST(622-3477)
Email: [email protected]

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