Fee Guides

How To Avoid Fees

Knowledge is an important part of banking. Customers with facts are often financially sound. NCB is committed to ensuring that you remain fit financially. Below are ways to utilize our products and services to avoid some of the associated fees:

You can reduce interest charges on your credit card by:

  • Paying your balance in full every month before the payment due date.
  • Paying more than the minimum amount as over time you will pay less interest and be able to pay off your balance faster.
  • Getting the facts before you conduct a transaction such as a cash advance.
  • Setting Reminders for when your payments are due.
  • Using Internet Banking to manage your finances especially paying and checking credit card bills and payments.

You can reduce your fees by budgeting:

  • Develop a budget to understand your money spread and to allocate money where needed to pay bills or save towards long-term objectives. Our Budgeting template is a quick and easy way for you to plan your budget.
  • Take notes of your monthly spending by keeping a journal or cataloguing bill stubs and receipts especially those seemingly small expenses. This will help you to analyse your spending and provide you with facts to manage your money.
  • Review budget frequently to ensure your specified objectives are being met within the specified timelines and be able to make the necessary adjustments.