Banking questions
Are you new to NCB? You may open a Regular Save savings account at www.jncb.com/openaccountonline.  

If you are an existing customer, you may open any savings account via Personal Online Banking  - Under Quick Links --> New Account. 
You may open an account online or at any NCB Branch. You will find the requirements at  Personal Account Requirements.
Please contact your NCB Capital Markets Wealth Advisor to assist you with redeeming your Share Certificates.
The minimum amount required to open an account varies based on product. Please contact your Wealth Advisor for more details.
Market conditions may cause rates to vary. Please contact our customer service representatives or your wealth manager for this information.
An informed investor is a successful investor. Successful wealth creation requires an intimate understanding of the financial markets. While you may not have the time or the expertise to keep up the dynamic bond, money and stock markets, our in house research department spends each day monitoring the financial markets both locally and overseas. Any of our wealth managers will be able to provide you with timely relevant information that will help you build the ideal portfolio for your wealth objectives. 
Credit card questions

Certainly, just go back to our homepage; to the left of the screen, click on the "Click to apply" under Apply for a loan or credit card and a new page will open.On the new page, select the words "Register Now"(below the word "LOGIN") then complete the form provided on the right of the screen by entering the requested information in the designated fields (specifically the fields that have a red asterisk (*) beside them). Upon completing the page, click on "SAVE" then select the tab at the top of the page entitled "APPLY"(located between My Profile and FAQ) and proceed to complete the application process.

Once you have completed the application process you will receive a "Conditionally Approved" response or a "Conditionally Declined" response instantaneously. A "Conditionally Approved" response is automatically generated by the system once your application receives an acceptable credit score and a credit officer will make contact with you in 2 Business days. A "Conditionally Declined" status means that based on the information provided, your application did not meet our minimum qualifying criteria and you may make contact with an agent at our Customer Care Center by dialing 1-888-622-3477 or a credit officer at any of our branches.

You may have multiple credit card applications pending in the system at any given time. You can make updates to your profile at any time, including changing your password. In the event you are experiencing any challenges, you may select the tab entitled "FAQ" or "View Demo" at the top of the screen or feel free to call our Customer Care Center at 1-888-622-3477 for further assistance.

If you lose or misplace your card or even suspect unauthorized use of your card

  • Inform us IMMEDIATELY by calling our 24-hr Customer Care Center:
    1-888-NCB-FIRST or (876) 754-4622 (not toll free) - Jamaica
    1-866-622-3477 - USA, Canada & the English speaking Caribbean
    0-800-032-2973 - U.K & the rest of the world (not toll free)
  • Credit cards / Keycard Cash Cards a restriction will be placed on your card
  • If you desire a replacement card, one will be made sent to your mailing address within 3 business days.
  • Midas (Debit) Card
  • A restriction will be placed on your card Debit cards that are lost or stolen should also be reported in person to your account holding branch as soon as possible
  • If you desire a replacement card, one will be issued & made available same day at a cost
  • The cost for replacement credit and debit cards may be retrieved from our homepage in the Fee Guide located below the Quick Links option on the right-hand section of your screen.
  • You may access your NCB accounts via our electronic channels by completing and submitting an eFinancial Services Application Form through our branch network. You may download the form from our website www.jncb.com by clicking on "Signup" under Personal Online Banking.

    Your Online Banking profile will be created within (5) business days, after which you may contact the Customer Care Center at 1-888-622-3477 where your identify will be validated and; you will be provided with instructions as to the process of activating telephone banking as well as the steps in registering online.

  • I have always used the telephone banking system and I am ready to access my accounts on the internet, how do I get started?
    Thank you for using our telephone banking facility; to access your accounts via our Internet Banking Facility we invite you to home page (www.jncb.com) and to the right of your computer screen you see Internet Banking with two options beneath
    • Personal
    • Business

    Move your mouse pointer over personal, you will see 4 options

    • Select the option "register", then "register online" on the page that is next displayed
    • The next page will request that you enter all 16 digits of your Midas (debit) card as well as your PIN (i.e. the 4 digit code that you use to access the telephone banking service
    • Finally, you will be required to create
      • 1. A username (minimum 6 characters)
      • 2. Two passwords (minimum 8 characters)
    • Sign-on Password - to access your account from the login page
    • Transaction Password used to validate transactions done online NB. We advise that these passwords be different for added security.
  • Once you have successfully completed the above steps you may immediately access your account information by clicking on the "login" prompt

Investment questions
  • J$100 NCB START (up to 17 years of age)
  • J$2,000 NCB Regular Save
  • J$5,000 NCB Gold Club (age 55 and over)
  • J$5,000 NCB Chequing Account
  • J$10,000 NCB Sunshine Savers
  • 100 units of foreign currency (US, Can, Pound, Euro)
To get started, go to www.jncb.com and select Enroll Now or  click Sign Up on Online Banking Page. You may also sign up via the mobile app in the Google or Apple Store. 
A financial Statistical Review Summary is listed in every annual report. However for ease of reference a pdf version is available via the Financial Statistical Review.
The Share Price information can be found in the Financial Statistical Review under Per Common Share Ratios. 
Shareholders shown as having an address in Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago and are recorded on the share register are paid dividends once declared, which are only paid in Jamaican dollars.  Dividends can also be paid to shareholders who authorize that these payments be sent to their accounts at National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited.
We offer investments in all major currencies: GBP, Euro, USD, Canadian and Jamaican dollars. We are able to facilitate the exchange of most major companies through our bank.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited

"The Atrium"

32 Trafalgar Road

Kingston 10


The date of the next AGM will be formally announced to shareholders when notice of the meeting is sent out after the financial year end. The company's AGM is usually held at the end of February. Once the date has been set, it will be published online via our Investor Event Calendar and in the Annual Report Notice.
NCB Jamaica Limited financial period is for twelve months starting October 1 and ending September 30 of the following year.  The new financial period will be October 1, 2010 - September 30, 2011.
This can be found in our latest Annual Report.
View the latest Annual Report here
Kiosk - General Questions
Depending on the transaction, a card may not be required.
Balance Enquiry; Transfers between My Accounts; Cheque Book Request; Certificate of Balance; Last Ten Transactions; Bill Payments and Request for Manager’s Cheque & Drafts, Check your Lovebird Points.
Products and Services
No. You can only access cash at the ABM/IABM.
Not at this time.
A Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement) is a document issued by the Bank which confirms the following information relating to your account:
  • Date account was opened
  • Average Balance for a period
  • Current Balance
  • Last Transaction done on the account
Yes. The charges are stated in the “NCB Customer Fee Guide – Personal Services” which is available on our website www.jncb.com.  The cost for this service is less at the Kiosk than in Branch.
A Manager’s Cheque is a cheque denominated in Jamaican dollars and negotiable ONLY in Jamaica.
Yes. There is a cost for processing this request. The charges are stated in the “NCB Customer Fee Guide – Personal Services” which is available on the website www.jncb.com.
Kiosk - Funds Transfer Questions
Yes. A Midas card is required to process this transaction at the Kiosk.
You may only transfer funds between accounts linked to your Midas Card i.e. that you can access at the ABM/iABM
No, you may only transfer funds between accounts that you can access at the ABM/iABM
No.  At this time, you may only transfer funds between Jamaican dollar accounts linked to your Midas card.
There is currently no charge for a transfer at the Kiosk
Yes.  The Kiosk is available for use 24/7 (any time of day, any day of the week).
The funds are immediately available after the transfer is completed.
Kiosk - Bank Statement Questions
Yes. A Midas card is required to process to request a Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement) at the Kiosk.
 You may select from one of the available options e.g. Embassies, Legal Courts or you may enter the name and address of the recipient of your choice.
Your Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement) will be emailed immediately to the address specified by you at the Kiosk.
Yes. You may request a Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement) 24/7 (any time of day, any day of the week).
Yes. You will need to make a separate request for each account on which you need a Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement).
You may request a Certificate of Balance (Bank Statement) on any of your accounts which you are able to access via NCB Online Banking.
Insurance Questions
The owner must be at least 18 on the last birthday before the Policy Issue Date. The Insured can be between 18 and 60 at issue. The owner and insured can be two different people.
Yes – a person can be insured under more than one ProCare policy subject to the maximum coverage of $2,000,000.

ProCare offers the following benefits:

Critical Illness Benefit - ProCare provides a lump sum settlement of up to $3 million upon the first diagnosis of any of the following 9 major illnesses: 1. Heart attack 2. Cancer 3. Stroke 4. Major burns 5. Paralysis 6. Loss of Speech 7. Deafness 8. Blindness 9. Coma

Ambulance Benefit - A one-time benefit of a maximum of $7,000 will be paid if an ambulance is used to transport the Life Insured at the time of the first diagnosis of Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Major Burns or Paralysis, Loss of Speech, Deafness, Blindness or Coma.

Death Benefit - A death benefit of 100% of the all Basic premiums (excluding policy fee) will be paid to the beneficiary if the Life Insured dies as a result of an accident or illness not covered under the policy.

No Claim Benefit - A no claim benefit of 100% of all Basic Premiums paid, will be paid to the Life Insured upon the expiry of the policy provided the contractual premiums are paid up to the expiry date.
No benefit will be paid if the first diagnosis of a critical illness is within 180 days from policy commencement date or date of reinstatement.

  • Coverage is up to $4 million in the case of accidental death in a common carrier for the $1,000,000 level of coverage.
  • Benefits from accidental death and injury payable up to age 70, with a 50% reduction between age 65 and 70.
  • Premium payments cease after 25 years (or age 85, whichever occurs first) but full coverage continues.
  • No medical required (although there are graduated death benefits in the first 2 y
ProVision is a whole life insurance plan that protects you and your family by providing benefits in the case of death (accidental or otherwise), accidental injury, and terminal illness.
The maximum basic sum insured on the ProVision policy is $4M and the minimum is $1M.
The owner must be at least 18 on the last birthday before the Policy Issue Date.
The Insured must be between 18 and 70 at the time the policy is bought.
The owner and insured can be the same or two different people.
Yes, but subject to a maximum total coverage of $4M.
No, customer must take out new policy for the additional coverage amount.
Yes – the relationship between the Owner and Insured must satisfy insurable interest.
The relationships allowed are:
  • Owner insures self
  •  Owner insures wife or husband
  •  Employer/ employee allowed – Key Man insurance
Note: If a customer wants to purchase a policy for a parent/ aunt/ uncle/ child over 18 years the customer will be required to set up the parent/ aunt/ uncle/ child over 18 years as both the Owner and Insured and the customer as the payor.
For the purpose of maximum insurance coverage, the OMNI products and Protection Plans are considered separate.

The maximum insurance coverage under OMNI products is $500,000. A customer may also purchase the maximum coverage of$4M or $5M based on the age of the Life Insured under the ProCare and $4M under the ProVision.
The cash value is 50% of the Basic Sum Insured less any prior benefits payments made. It is available after 25 years of premium payments or when the insured reaches 85, whichever occurs first.
Yes, the policy owner can take the cash value at any time after the Premium Expiry Date (calculated as 25 years from the Policy Issue Date or age 85 whichever is first).
The policy can be assigned up to the coverage amount, at the discretion of the lending institution. It should be noted that many lending institutions do not accept this type of policy. Also if a minor is named as beneficiary it is even less likely that an institution would accept this product as collateral.
There is no minimum. The lowest premiums will be determined by a female, aged 18 and insured with the $1M coverage.
No, premiums and sum insured remain the same for the life of the policy (with premiums limited to 25 years or age 85).
No back-dating is permitted.
For death (other than by a covered accident) in the first 12 months after policy issue (or the last reinstatement date if later), the benefit is a refund of premiums.

For death (other than by a covered accident) in the 13-24 months after policy issue (or the last reinstatement date, if later), the benefit is 50% of the Basic Sum Insured.

Full benefits are paid after 24 months.

No death benefit is paid for death by suicide in the first two years after issue or reinstatement.
Provided death is as a result of an accident, an additional 75% of the Basic Sum Insured will be paid with the Death benefit, provided the Life Insured is at or below age 64.

The Accidental Death benefit ceases at age 65 and over of the Life Insured

Note the Death benefit is tiered as outlined in the answer to the prior question.
Accidental Injury must be due to external, violent and visible means and excludes injuries sustained while:
  •  committing suicide or attempting to commit suicide, whether sane or insane
  • committing, attempting or provoking an assault or criminal offence
  • any riot, civil commotion, insurrection or war (whether declared or not)
  • service in the military, naval or air force of any country in a state of war or armed conflict (whether war be declared or not)
  • body or mental infirmity, or illness or disease of any kind the Life Insured is under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol or drug
  •  travel or flight in, or descent from, any aircraft, hot air balloon, or other flight, except as a fare paying passenger in a regularly scheduled airline.
The beneficiaries will receive the Basic Sum Insured only. No accidental death benefit is payable after the Life Insured attains age 65 or more.

Example, if the coverage is $1,000,000, the benefit is $1,000,000.
NCBIC will pay within 48 hours of receiving a valid claim, all supporting documentation, and the case is not contestable.
No, once the sum of benefits is equal to the Basic Sum Insured is paid out, the policy terminates and no further benefits are paid
The Owner can surrender the policy, however, the payment will be 50% of the Basic Sum Insured less the amount of benefits paid prior to surrender.
You will receive the hospital / loss of thumb benefit at the time that the accident occurs. You will also receive the accidental death benefit on the subsequent plane crash, provided the policy is still in force, less the amount already paid under the earlier benefits
Terminal illness is defined as being certified by a doctor that the Insured is terminally ill and will not survive more than 6 months.
The amount payable is dependent on the time between date of terminal illness diagnosis and the policy issue date (or reinstatement date, if later):
  • 25% of the Basic Sum Insured after 12 months but before 24 month
  •  50% after 24 months
NCBIC will need the diagnosis to be certified by your own doctor in Jamaica, even if the diagnosis was originally overseas.
Recommend maximum of four. The estate can be included as one of the four.
ProCare is a life insurance plan that pays you “living benefits” in the event you are diagnosed with any one of 9 critical conditions as defined in the Terms and Conditions.
Heart Attack| Stroke| Cancer| Major Burns| Blindness| Coma| Paralysis| Deafness| Loss of Speech
For the purpose of maximum insurance coverage, the OMNI products and Protection Plans are considered separate.

The maximum insurance coverage under OMNI products is $500,000. A customer may also purchase the maximum coverage of up to $5M under the ProCare and $4M under the ProVision.
No medical or response to health questions is required. Only a declaration of health is made on the Application form relating to AIDS / HIV and previous experiences with the critical conditions.
No – this policy does not accumulate a cash value
The maximum sum insured is $5M for issue ages at or below age 54 and $4M for issue ages at or above 55. The minimum sum insured is $1,000,000.
Coverage will be sold only in bands of $500,000. For example, $1M, $1.5M, 2M etc.
Yes, but in order to do so you must purchase additional policies to meet the desired coverage.
Yes. The premiums will be revised based on the Age of the Life Insured at the time the policy was bought and the new coverage amount.
However, the sum insured must not be reduced to less than:
  • $500,000 for policies issued between April 2005 and May 6, 2016.
  • $1M for policies issued after May 9, 2016.
However, NCBIC can increase the premium rates for all policyholders during the life of the policy. No individual policyholder will be singled out for a premium increase.
Yes, NCBIC’s may agree at its discretion to reinstate a policy on payment of all outstanding premiums and interest as required by NCBIC and subject to a new declaration of health.

Reinstatement will result in a further elimination period measured from the date NCBIC agrees to reinstate the policy and based on the provisions of the contract.
NCBIC will pay the Basic Sum Insured to the Life Insured or the beneficiary (if the Life Insured died as a result of the covered condition).
NCBIC will not pay a Critical Illness benefit if the first diagnosis of a covered critical condition:
  •  Occurs within the elimination period of
    • 90 days for Cancer
    •  180 days for Major Burn, Blindness, Coma, Paralysis, Deafness, Loss of Speech .
(Note: There is no elimination period for Heart Attack and Stroke)
  •  Is the result of a pre-existing condition occurring before the policy was bought.
  • Also, no Critical Illness benefit will be paid for illnesses or conditions arising from:
    •  Self-inflicted harm
    • Any riot, civil commotion, insurrection or war
    • Being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal narcotic substance;
    •  Committing or attempting to commit, attempting or provoking, an assault or criminal offence;
    • Service in the military, naval or air force of any country in a state of war or armed conflict
    • Travel or flight in, or descent from, any aircraft, hot air balloon, or other flight, except as a fare paying passenger on a regularly scheduled airline
    • Intentional use of any prescription-only drug or medication without a prescription by a physician or any other health professional or use of any drug or medication prescribed by a physician or any other health professional other than as directed.
In these cases, the policy will terminate and 100% of the Basic Premiums paid up to date refunded to the Owner.
Your own doctor or hospital doctor can make the diagnosis, but NCBIC reserves the right to ask for
additional information, and this may include a second opinion.
NCBIC reserves the right to require additional information. This may be a second opinion by our own
doctor. If you live outside of Jamaica, your own doctor can make the initial diagnosis and we will
confirm if we need additional information.
NCBIC will pay to the beneficiary 100% of the Basic Premiums paid up to the date of death (i.e.
premiums excluding policy fee).
The amount payable will depend on whether the pre-existing condition existed before policy was
bought or started to manifest after the policy was bought.

A refund of premium will be paid to the Owner and the policy will be terminated if:
  •  The pre-existing condition existed before the policy was bought
  • The pre-existing existing condition started to manifest after the policy was bought and the diagnosis occurs during the elimination period
The full coverage will be paid if the pre-existing condition started to manifest after the policy was
bought and/or the diagnosis occurs after the elimination period is served
Yes. However, NCBIC will only pay if the first diagnosis is not due to the pre-existing condition. For
example, an individual with a hypertension condition will only be paid a 100% of Basic Premiums paid, if the first diagnosis is Heart Attack or Stroke, but NCBIC will pay the full sum insured if the first diagnosis is any of the other covered conditions and is not due to a pre-existing condition existing when the policy was bought.
In general, if the Critical Illness benefit is payable and the Life Insured dies, NCBIC will pay the
benefit to the Beneficiary Designated by the Owner
  •  Death
  •  Diagnosis and payment of the sum insured or refund of premium
  •  At the policy anniversary when the Life Insured attained age 75.
  •  Lapse due to non-payment of premiums
  •  To comply with any applicable law or regulations
On the policy anniversary at which the Insured turns age 75, provided that premiums are paid up to
date, NCBIC will pay a No Claim Benefit of 100% of the Basic premiums (i.e. premiums excluding
policy fee).
  • Critical Illness Benefit – paid to the Life Insured (or the Beneficiary if the Life Insured dies from anyone of the nine listed critical conditions).
  • Ambulance Benefit – paid to the Life Insured (or the Beneficiary if the Life Insured dies from any oneof the nine listed critical conditions).
  • Death Benefit – paid to the nominated Beneficiary (if cause of death is other than from any one of thenine listed critical illnesses or conditions).
  • No Claims Benefit – paid to the policy Owner
The Owner may nominate one or more person(s) as Beneficiary for the Death Benefit. (Recommend
a maximum of 4 beneficiaries)
  • Beneficiaries may be changed, subject to conditions.
  •  A minor can be named, but requires a Trustee
  • It is recommended that beneficiaries be designated as revocable.
NCB Ascend Questions

NCB Ascend is the newest addition to the NCB suite of product and service offerings and replaces the First Class Service. It is accessible to customers of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCBJ), NCB Capital Markets Limited (NCBCM) and NCB Insurance Company Limited (NCBIC).

The current First Class facility caters only to Retail Banking customers. Through the new programme, customers across the NCB Group, who meet the relevant criteria, will be able to access this service thereby leveraging the breadth of financial offerings and the cadre of financial officers with expertise in Banking, Investment and Insurance.

This supports the Group’s objective of leveraging the products, services and expertise of the NCB Group to provide our customers with greater value.
i. Maintain a minimum monthly average balance of JMD3M in any combination of qualifying accounts at either National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (‘NCBJ’), NCB Capital Market Limited (‘NCBCM’) or NCB Insurance Company Limited (‘NCBIC’)


ii. Meet at least one of the following criteria:-
  1. Have accessed and is servicing an NCB loan of at least JMD10M
  2. Maintains a NCB Credit Card with limit of JMD1M or more
  3. A professional with annual income of at least JMD5M
This new programme will be in place by September 2015.
The following categories of persons will be available to manage your relationship:
  • NCB Jamaica Limited - Personal Financial Officer (PFO)
  • NCB Capital Market Limited - Wealth Advisor
  • NCB Insurance Company Limited – Insurance Advisor
Additionally, you will have access to an Ascend Customer Service Representative who will process your in-branch transactions. A dedicated access line to Customer Care Centre will also be made available during business hours i.e. Mondays – Fridays, 8am - 5pm. Calls received outside of business hours will be routed to the Customer Care Centre where our dedicated team of Customer Care Agents will assist.
A Personal Financial Officer, Wealth Advisor or Insurance Advisor will contact you and guide you through the registration process.
Yes. First Class customers who meet the criteria will be required to sign the NCB Ascend Agreement in order to avail of the services under the new programme.
No. There are no applicable fees for accessing the service at this time
No. At this time the service is only accessible to persons who meet the qualifying criteria (as outlined in question 3 above).
Yes. A Personal Financial Officer and a Customer Service Representative will be available in all branches to manage your financial portfolio and process your transactions respectively.

Wealth Advisors and Insurance Advisors will also be available in selected branches.
Currently the services offered under the new programme will be extended to a spouse, who is a joint holder.
Questions on our 'Call Chris' Telephone System
Chris is NCB’s virtual service tool that allows for fast, simple transaction processing via the telephone.
At this time the following transactions are available:

• Own Account Transfers 
• Create/Reset TPIN
• Checking Account Balances
• Checking Credit Card Balances
• Bill Payments (The merchant being paid must already be registered on your internet banking profile)
• Conducting Merchant Authorization (For merchants only)
To initiate a transaction via the telephone, please dial 1-888-NCB-FIRST (622-3477)
This service is available 24 hours.
Calls are free from landline phones however the appropriate rates from your mobile service providers will apply.
There are currently no associated charges.
Please have your Midas card and/or credit card number, account number and your RSA Pin+Token ready, if you do not have an RSA PIN+Token, then you will be required to generate a 4-digit T-PIN
A T-PIN is a personal identification number created to help to authenticate and protect a customer who wishes to do transaction via the telephone.  Your T-PIN should be a 4-digit number that is hard to guess.  Do not write down or share your T-PIN with anyone. A T-PIN can be generated by calling Chris and requesting to generate T-PIN.
RSA PIN + Token is also a feature used to help to authenticate and protect a customer’s account.  It is made up of two factors:
  1. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  2. The code that is displayed on your token (token can be either hardware or software). The code changes at specified time intervals, typically every 60 seconds.
To get the RSA Token, you will be required to make the request via your internet banking profile, you will then be directed to the appropriate website to download the token to your smartphone (software).  You can however request a physical (hardware) token which can be collected at your Branch.
If you already have an RSA Pin & Token you will be asked to use it to authenticate and protect your account.
Yes, you may pay bills to over 200 merchants currently listed on our platform once you have registered them on your account as a bill payee via internet banking providing they accept payment from credit cards.
The current limits are as follows:
Funds Transfer: $2,000,000
Bill Payment: $2,000,000
Currently, you can make inquiries about your credit card balance.
Currently you are not able to do so.
For further information you may visit our website www.jncb.com
Questions on our Auto Loans
NCB provides financing for the purchase of new and used motor vehicles (cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks and mini-vans) to be registered for private/personal use. Business operators may also receive financing for vehicles designated for commercial use.
You may view the requirements for applying for motor vehicle financing at https://drive.jncb.com.
To receive an estimate of your monthly payments, you may use our Loan Calculator [accessible via https://drive.jncb.com ] which will provide the following:
  • Estimated monthly payment
  • Interest rate and processing fees
  • Deposit [if applicable]
  • Maximum amount available based on the vehicle year
  • Repayment Period
Applications can be made via any of the following channels:
  • Visit https://drive.jncb.com  and select “Get Approved” to have an NCB rep contact you
  • Speak with a bank representative at any of our branches island-wide
If you are purchasing a new vehicle, from a certified new car dealer, you can get an approval letter before choosing your vehicle.
This letter is valid for 30 calendar days and indicates an approval limit and loan tenure. This approval helps to fast track the auto ownership process, as once the motor vehicle is identified and all relevant documents are submitted to the bank, the payment will be made to the dealer.
Payments can be made via any of the following channels:
  • Salary Deduction – This is prepared by the branch for you to take to your employer.
  • Salary Assignment – This allows NCB to take the loan payment amount directly from your salary account.
Yes, auto loan promotions are on-going and may be viewed at https://drive.jncb.com.
Yes, a lump sum payment can be made. You may speak with your NCB representative in order to make any changes to your loan structure, such as reducing the loan principal balance or a combination of loan principal balance, change in loan tenure and/ or monthly payment.
You will be informed of the status of your application within 1 hour.
In the following scenarios, change(s) may be accommodated:
  • Change in vehicle particulars (e.g. colour): If the vehicle make, model and loan amount remains the same, the submission of a new proforma invoice is sufficient to make amendments to the loan documents, without having to obtain another approval.
  • Change in loan amount: If the loan amount has changed, it will require a new application which will be subject to another assessment. 
  • No longer interested: The transaction can be deferred, providing that the Letter of Undertaking was not handed to the dealership/ individual and motor vehicle transfer was not completed. 
If however, the vehicle transfer is already completed and the commitments have been undertaken and registration is in your name, a change will not be possible, at that time. 
No, there is no penalty for early repayment. The loan interest is calculated up to the date of repayment
Questions on our Mortgage Portal
The NCB Mortgage Portal is a gateway created to facilitate service requests initiated by NCB approved mortgage customers to be sent to a Valuator or Commissioned Land Surveyor (Professional), and the uploading of a Valuation Report or Surveyor’s ID Report from the professional
The Professionals listed on the portal are NCB approved Valuators and Commissioned Land Surveyors however, not all of the professionals are currently available to be assessed via the portal. NCB is authorized to update this list at any time.
You may select the Valuator/Surveyor of your choice, relatively close to the property you would like to be assessed. Please note distance from the property may affect the time it takes for the professional to visit and the cost associated with the service.
NCB customers with Online Banking access can use their NCB Online Banking username and password to log in submit a service request.
You may access the NCB Mortgage Portal by visiting www.myhome.jncb.com/
  • Select “Professionals” from the menu bar
  • View and Select Preferred Valuator/Surveyor
  • Select ‘Request this Professional” (Login page will be displayed)
  • Login using NCB Online Banking credentials
  • Complete “Service Request Form”
  • Select “Schedule a visit”
Yes you may submit more than one request to get quotes.
Yes. It would save time if you submit both Service Requests.  You will be required to make individual requests choosing your preferred Professional for each type of report.
Once your Service Request has been successfully submitted, your dashboard will be displayed with all Service Requests submitted by you. The Professional will receive a notification via SMS or E-Mail and will contact you within 1 business day to confirm the details.
You may cancel the service request at any time up to the point of final payment. Refunds are not handled through the portal and will have to be addressed directly between you and the professional.
You may cancel a Service Request by logging into the Portal’s dashboard, selecting “Details” for the service request you would like to cancel, and then select “Cancel” within the “Overview” tab.
You should receive a call from the Valuator or Land Surveyor within one (1) business day.
If a Professional has not contacted you within one (1) business day of your Service Request submission, you may do any of the following:
  • Call the Professional to enquire about the Request or
  • Cancel the Service Request (ensure to enter the reason for cancellation when prompted) and submit a new request to another professional.
Step Customer Professional
1 Submits service request for valuation or surveyor’s ID report  
  • Gets Notification
  • Contacts customer to verify details
  • Accepts or cancels request based on conversation
  • Uploads Quotation/Invoice indicating deposit amount required
  • Visits Portal to view Quotation/Invoice
  • Makes Payment using Portal/Other Payment options
  • If other payment options used:
    • Submit a copy of your proof of payment (PDF, PNG or JPEG file (less than 5MB)
  • Visits property
  • Complete report
  • Uploads final invoice
  • Makes final payment
  • Views and/or downloads report
6   Uploads receipt
7 Branch notified that report saved to NCB’s database
You may utilize any of the following options to make your payment:
  • The Professional’s Portal using any of your NCB credit cards or Savings/Current accounts using your NCB Online Banking credentials
  • Cash or other facilities not provided by NCB (upload of an image of the proof of the payment(s) required). 

Reports will be available for viewing and download after payment has been verified.
  • Log in into the Portal’s dashboard,
  • Select “Details” for the Service Request for which payment is being made
  • Select “View” within the “Payments & Fees” tab,
  • Select the “Pay Online” button beside the Service Request for which payment is being made
  • Enter RSA information required
  • Select the Account or Credit Card being used to make payment
Unfortunately part payments are not facilitated using the Professional Portal; payments can only be made in full, as indicated by the Professional.

If you have chosen an alternate payment option then part payments may be made based on mutual agreement between you and the Professional.
Contact details for the Professionals are available on the Portal (under heading Professionals) or you may call the NCB Help Line @ (888)-622-3477.
NCB Mortgage Incentive Programme
What is the NCB Mortgage Incentive Programme? NCB’s Mortgage Incentive Programme is a special promotion established to reward sales persons working with property developers for referring approved mortgage business to the bank.
The Programme is open to sales agents employed to development firms who accept the Terms and Conditions of the Programme.
To refer mortgage loan applicants, visit the NCB Mortgage Website https://www.jncb.com/mortgageincentiveprogramme and complete the Referral Entry Form.
A 1.00% incentive will be paid for each mortgage loan referred and booked by NCB during the promotional period. The 1% incentive is calculated on the portion of the loan that is funded by NCB and will not include any part of the loan funded by other lenders such as the National Housing Trust. During the programme NCB may offer additional prizes to participants based on criteria determined by NCB.
The Programme runs from November 1, 2018, to September 30, 2019.
Incentive payments will be made to participants via bank transfer to an account specified by them and held at NCB in the name of the sales agent.
Incentive payments will be made on or before the 15th working day from the end of the month during which the mortgage loan in respect of which the payment is being made is disbursed. For example, incentives earned for the month of November 2018, will be paid on or before December 15, 2018.
NCB Flexipay
NCB FlexiPay instalment plan allows NCB personal credit card customers to convert credit card purchases of J$50,000 (or US$300) or more into smaller repayments of fixed monthly instalments. Cardholders may opt for a repayment term of three (3), six (6) or twelve (12) months at agreed interest rates as low as 0%.
Yes. There is one time, fixed processing fee of J$2,500 or US$20 (inclusive of GCT) on credit cards denominated in JMD and USD respectively. The fee is applied immediately to all NCB Flexi Pay instalment plans upon conversion.
The NCB FlexiPay instalment plan is available to all personal credit card customers who meet the following criteria:
  • Has maintained the credit card for at least 6 months
  • No delinquency in the last 6 months
  • Account is in good standing
  • Must be the primary cardholder
Before a transaction is converted, it must meet the following criteria:
  • Purchase must be posted to the account before the next statement date.
  • Transaction must be greater than or equal to J$50,000, US$300.
  • Credit card account must be in good standing.
Purchases made at Government agencies such as Jamaica Customs or Tax Administration Jamaica cannot be converted to NCB FlexiPay.
A transaction must be posted to the account, prior to being placed on the NCB FlexiPay instalment plan. This means that the merchant must have settled their machine. This may take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days after the purchase.
Yes. The minimum single receipt purchase amount to qualify is J$50,000 and US$300 for credit cards denominated in JMD and USD respectively.
Yes. Only one (1) purchase may be converted using NCB FlexiPay at any given time. However, upon closing one, a new purchase may be converted.
Once the transaction is posted to the credit card account, it may be placed on an NCB FlexiPay instalment plan using the following channels:

1. Website – Customers may visit www.jncb.com/flexipay and complete the request form available. A confirmation call will be made to the cardholder within 24 business hours. Note: Requests submitted on the weekend or public holidays will be acknowledged on the following business day.

  2. NCB Customer Care Centre (CCC) – Customers may call 888 622 3477 to have an NCB Flexi Pay Specialist perform the necessary conversion and advise of the monthly payment options.
Yes. The credit card statement will reflect the transaction amount, fixed month payment, interest rate and the number of instalments left to be paid.
The monthly instalment amount will form a part of the minimum payment which must be paid in full, on or before your due date to remain in good standing. If this amount is not paid by the due date, the instalment arrangement would have been forfeited and the transaction would be converted to the regular interest rate on the credit card. A late payment fee will be applied on the next statement and the card restricted based on the length of time the amount remains unpaid.
Like any other purchase, transactions placed on the NCB FlexiPay instalment plan will reduce the available credit limit by the purchase amount. Your available credit limit will be replenished by the principal portion of each payment as the total amount due is made each month.
Yes. However, a cancelled plan will attract the interest which was calculated for the duration of the plan. To cancel a plan, please call our 24-hour Customer Care Centre at 888-NCB-FIRST and an NCB FlexiPay specialist will be happy to assist.
NCB FlexiPay instalment monthly payments are included in the minimum payment and amount due and will be placed on each credit card statement commencing on the first statement generated after the initiation of an NCB FlexiPay instalment plan.